“I enlisted Elizabeth’s expertise to help me secure a specific job. I presented at her office emotional and anxious; despite being desperate for her help, I was closed to Liz and what she could do for me.
From the outset, Liz showed emotional intelligence and sensitivity. Before we discussed anything else, she addressed some of the internal conflict that she recognised in my behaviour.
She explained that in my hierarchy of needs, obtaining a specific job was less of a priority than establishing basic functionality. My mental health and general wellbeing became our priority.
This insight coupled with Liz’s gentle approach, made me feel emotionally secure and safe. I was then able to relax enough to process things intellectually. Without the former I would have been incapable of the latter.
Each week I went home encouraged, with a list of what had been achieved since the last meeting and a revised goal for the week ahead.
When activities proved too much of a challenge for me. Liz remained positive and simply suggested we try a different approach. I was never made to feel like I had failed.
She encouraged me to find temporary employment in a less stressful job than I initially wanted, and for less hours a week. This allowed me support myself whilst having adequate time to work on my mental health. She also encouraged me to find a volunteer organisation where I could work one day a week. This too proved beneficial as it boosted my self-esteem.
From our second consultation and each thereafter, I have reported greater and greater functionality: I have drastically reduced anxiety. When previously I was sleeping as much as I could, in excess of fifteen hours a day, now eight hours was adequate. I have regained my ability to read, a past time which had been lost because of my inability to concentrate. I no longer avoid phone conversations. Where-as before, my reactions to conflict were highly emotional and inappropriate, I now manage my emotions. My obsessive behaviours have decreased. I have a restored, healthy self-image. I find myself more and more assertive. The feeling of hopelessness that I have been so accustomed to, is gone. I am happy and content.
The speed with which Elizabeth dealt with these issues was absolutely beyond my expectation. I am so grateful that she had the foresight and skill to help me make these improvements to my life before we established me in my dream job. Casey Devereux” January 2016 ..
“Dear amazing wonderful Liz. Thank you for your Christmas greeting. Liz I esteem you so very highly. And as I have said before, you are the answer to my fervent prayers for my daughter. What you have achieved in my girl in such a short space of time is nothing short of amazing. I ask my wonderful God to bless your life, your business and finances, that you will be enabled to bless others as you have my Casey. And may your Christmas be restful and wonderful. …Chris” December 2015 ..
“Hi Liz,
I want you to know how very grateful I am to you for being so kind and warm to me and enthusiastic on my behalf with regard to helping me with my recovery and my employment opportunities. What you have done for me is very humbling simply because you are so genuine. Your professional approach together with qualities as a lovely and inspiring person have a lifting effect upon me.
I always come away from our meetings with renewed vigour where I may have been feeling particularly down and out.
Have a lovely day Liz. Warm regards Peter” November 2015 ..
“Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to say thank you for your time yesterday and tell you that I appreciated your kindness, and your emotional intelligence and sensitivity. You very swiftly intuited and addressed the internal conflict that I was experiencing, which made me feel emotionally secure and safe. And because of that sense of safety, I was then able to relax enough to process things intellectually. Without the former I would have been incapable of the latter. Your emotional intelligence is astounding.
I could quite literally write 5 pages on the big and little things you did yesterday that impacted me. Thank you Elizabeth
Casey” August 2015 ..
“The service and attention to detail I received from Elizabeth was first class. Her mentoring and guidance truly helped me get through my redundancy and into my current job. I highly recommend Maddison Collins, for not only redundancy assistance, but for career guidance to achieve your goals as well. Thank you Elizabeth for all of your help.” October 2014 ..  Rebecca
“It has been many months since we saw you but I thought you would like to know that, thanks to you setting us on the right track, W ….. has just been offered a horticultural apprenticeship with the City of Mandurah. He attended an interview and was offered the job a couple of days later. He will attend Challenger TAFE next year and work for the council on the days when he’s not at TAFE. It’s a great outcome for W….. and we’re all delighted for him.
Thank you for your advice.” November 2014 …  Maureen
“Thanks to your help I was more structured and my mind was able to organise all information I shared :-).”  Angela
“Thanks for your help and advice yesterday.  I was impressed with the way you spoke to xxxx and got his feelings on the subject.”  Susan
“And thank you again for your insight; and help in getting me this far.”  John
“It was a pleasure meeting you also. You are very engaging, easy to talk to and perfectly suited to your profession. I wish you all the best and have your card on my wall. I will bear you in mind going forward.” 2nd May, 2014 (Industry: Civil Construction)
“Elizabeth is very passionate and helpful, going well above what would be expected, she also seems to really know her subject matter.  I would definitely recommend to a friend.” June 2014   Patrick
“During the period of what many refer to as the GFC 2, I was made redundant from an engineering consultancy firm. I then joined an EPC company, but that company went into forced liquidation so again I was forced to go “back on market.” Like many, this is not what I’m used to and it can be very challenging on the individual and the family.
Through a well-respected friend and colleague, I was recommended to seek advice from Elizabeth of Maddison Collins Pty Ltd.
Initially I was hesitant, perhaps even cynical. I’m an experienced electrical engineer who’s worked in several countries, with a number of internationally renowned companies in Mining, Chemical, EPC and the Power Generation sectors.
It became obvious that Elizabeth is very passionate in her work. She is efficient, very supportive, willing to listen yet will criticise constructively where necessary. Elizabeth is well-informed in the employers and employee’s needs and requirements. My resume was modified quite significantly but more than that she helped restore my self-confidence. The change in my resume was significant as more recruiters began contacting me. The competition out there is stiff with 10’s to 100’s of applicants applying for the same post. Your resume needs to be accurate and express one’s confidence. Elizabeth helped me with that.” Martin, Snr Electrical Engineer

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