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Last week I received amazing feedback from two workshops that I ran for a national commercial company. Everyone in the room was engaged and given the opportunity and freedom to express feelings about their impending redundancy. It was powerful, impactful, empowering, and inspiring. Everyone in the room was important. It is exciting to empower people to take ownership and action of their situation, to take proactive steps and initiative to make things happen. Through our caring of people and knowledge and guidance of the steps required to reach goals, many go on to amazing opportunities.

Are you up for the challenge to meet with us for one on one coaching? Or are you going to sit on the fence and hope something is going to happen?

A participant on 19th June, 2016 wrote the following about our Transition Coach.

“Hi Elizabeth
I would like to thank you for all your help. I came to you at one of my lowest points I can remember in my life, how I was treated by my company and a few select individuals was beyond belief, this in turn affected my whole family.
At 50 years old and now unemployed I did not believe another company would want to invest their time with myself, adding to the stress I had submitted a dozen resumes 4 years previous at a time when the Mining sector was booming without one reply.
Elizabeth was a breath of fresh air from our 1st meeting, so pleasant and easy to talk to allowing myself to open up with ease relieving some of the built up anger I had been carrying allowing me to concentrate on the important things in life and to move forward.
Elizabeth is total honest in what you bring to the table, if Elizabeth says your Resume or cover letter is not up to scratch, please listen and take note, I am proof that a well-drawn up Resume and cover letter gets noticed.
With my confidence at its lowest Elizabeth encourage me to aim higher. With my new Resume and cover letter completed with a huge amount of help from Elizabeth,

I applied for 2 production manager jobs. I had a call the same day it hit the recruiters desk, with an interview the next day, 8 days later I was short listed for the other production managers job. My qualifications are in supervising so I was not expecting any response. Elizabeth makes you believe in your self-worth again. In the end I had to make a decision on what job I wanted, I picked the first one and I am learning everyday it’s a great feeling
Thank you Elizabeth without your experience, belief and enthusiasm I would still be looking for a job or a job that would not let me grow
Thank you from all our family
Yours sincerely
Name withheld”

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