Mental Health Wellness Matters

It makes my heart sing when an amazing transformation takes place.  A young man who has been struggling with alcohol abuse and mental illness for quite some time met with me yesterday. He has been dry for over 4 months and with courage admitted himself into hospital. He sees this as a failure, I see this as courage and taking action.

I have found that just about everyone has issues and problems, and in some cases that go way back to early childhood. These problems are deeply entrenched in our subconscious and serve to remind us daily pulling us back from moving forward. I started helping my client to unravel the layers to get to the route of the problem. Together we determined a strategy that worked trialling a number of ideas. At the end my client felt motivated and for the first time in a long while in control. For a man who came in flat and lifeless, he left laughing and smiling.
What I know is that one way does not work for everyone and an open mind to trial different techniques and strategies may make the difference even if in a small way.

We all need a coach to help us get where we are going. We are all so good at burying our heads in the sand and making out that everything is fine and avoiding the real issues. The horrible fact is that nothing really goes away and the longer we leave it the harder it is to resolve, come to terms and deal with what is holding us back from achieving what really is possible.  Mental health wellness truly matters.

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